SUMMER 2018

STANDINGS                                                   WEEK  
1 0 70901 - ZOO FELT
1 0 70902 - PAPPA ROCHES
1 0 70903 - STOP DROP 'N' ROLL
1 070904 - STIKS & GIGGLES
1 0 70905 - THE BUS DRIVERS
1 070906 - SNOOKERED
1 070907 - CLOUD 9
1 0 70908 - Bye

TOP GUN             

NEW FOR FALL 2017: Top gun is calculated by the number of points earned divided by the number of points available (PA). IMPORTANT: Players will show up in the Top Gun standings after their first match with their team, however, they must play 50% of the regular scheduled matches with their team before becoming fully eligible for Top Gun awards. For example, if there are 18 regular weeks in the schedule, you must play 9 weeks to be eligible. If there are 19 weeks in the regular schedule, you must play 10 matches to be eligible. If there are byes in the regular schedule, we will use the average number of actual weeks of play. For example, if the majority of teams in an 18-week schedule have 2 byes, then players must play 8 weeks to be eligible. Example in 9-Ball: In every 9-Ball match, you have 20 points available to win. If you play 10 matches, you have 200 points available to win (20 X 10). If you win a total of 162 points in those 10 matches then the calculation is 162 / 200 = 0.81 or 81%. This means that you won 81% of the points available (PA) to you during the session. Ties will be broken in the following order: Total number of matches played, win percentage, performance points, lifetime win percentage. 

ROSTER                                                            WEEK