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Local By-Laws, Procedures & Awards 
C16 Greater Sudbury/Midland


League Operator: Gerrit Boeve
Phone: 226-436-3008

 Section 1: Getting Starting

This document explains the structure of the league in the area you are playing in and should be used in conjunction with your Official Team Manual provided by the APA. These by-laws have been created to help clear up common issues that may arise and allow you to focus more on your game and having fun.

League Office:

Hours are Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM.  Office # 226-436-3008. If nobody is available to take your call, please leave a message that includes your phone # (and/or email) and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Team Captain Responsibilities:

The Team Captain is the team organizer, so to speak. The captain must have a phone and email address to allow for quick and effective communication with the League Office. The Team Captain’s responsibilities and duties include:

  • Collecting weekly fees and CPA membership dues from the team
  • Submitting payments, forms and other information to League Office in a timely manner.
  • Distributing information from League Office to all members of the team. This would include rule amendments, tournament announcements, and any other League business.
  • Responsibility for the conduct and good sportsmanship of all team members during League play.
  • Making sure that proper and accurate scorekeeping procedures are followed.
  • Having team players at the scheduled match site on time.
  • Returning team envelope to the drop off location on time

Division Representatives:

Division Representatives (Reps) are appointed by the League Operator. There is at least 1 Division Rep per division. A Division Rep is a player that has experience playing in the League and is well respected by their peers. Division Reps are your primary point of contact for questions about rules and other general inquiries about the division and will contact your League Operator if necessary. Also, they usually help out with play-offs and other League Tournaments.

Board of Governors:

The Board of Governors consists of Division Reps and The League Operator. The Board will act in accordance with approved APA guidelines. They will advise on disciplinary actions regarding serious issues and complaints received. They also act as the Handicap Advisory Committee.

Skill Level Questions:

Questions or issues regarding the skill level of any player can be forwarded to the League Office for review.

Team Envelopes:

The Team Envelopes will be available for pick up no later than 6:00pm at the designated drop points on the day of play. The envelopes must be returned by 8:00 pm the following day or the team may be subject to penalties.

Scoresheets & Bonus Points:

The League puts a great emphasis on proper scorekeeping. Be careful not to lose points for your team by submitting an incomplete scoresheet. Make sure the scoresheet is legible, has all the appropriate areas completed, has the correct fees and has the signature of both captains.

Bonus points will be awarded if all of the following occur:

  • Innings are filled in for every game
  • The wins & losses of each player marked
  • Final match score is filled in
  • Scoresheet is signed by both teams
  • All fees up to date

The bonus points awarded are as follows:
  • 8-Ball – 1 point per team per week
  • 9-Ball – 10 points per team per week

Remember these bonus points are offered at the discretion of the League Office. Keeping current with your weekly fees is important. If you fall behind in payments, you may risk more than your bonus points. You may lose your place in play-offs and the opportunity to compete in higher-level tournaments.


There are no limits on the number of pins you receive if you are in the skill levels 1 thru 4 (exception…9 off the breaks are 1 per session for everyone) 5 thru 9 skill levels receive 1 pin per session for each category in both 8-ball and 9-ball formats. Pins are awarded the week after earned and will be in the team envelope. Please mark clearly on your scoresheet that you earned a pin so that your award does not go unrecognized. If you don’t receive your pin the week after you earned it, please write a note on the scoresheet so we can provide one next time. 
From time to time we will run incentives for our members.  These incentives could take the form of half price single boards, adding money or prizes to tournaments or just doing random draws and giveaways for t-shirts, hats etc.
The Bounty - Are You Wanted?:

Beginning with week 5 a random bounty will be put on 1 player in each division. If that player plays & wins, league fees are free that night. If the bounty player gets beat, the player who beats them receives free play for that night.    
**Divisions with less than 6 teams will be eligible for the bounty every other week**
There will be various tournaments throughout the League year CPA members will be eligible for. These tournaments include singles qualifiers, Jack & Jill and Open Doubles Vegas qualifiers, regular bar run tournaments and much, much more.

Section 2: League Play

Adding New Teams:
Occasionally, in order to fill a bye, the League Operator may add new teams to a division during the first four weeks of a session. If team make-ups are not possible the new team will be issued points equal to 1 point (10 in 9-ball) less than the last place team’s total to that date.
Teams Adding Players:

New players may be added anytime within the first 4 weeks of a session. For an added player to participate, the opposing team captain must be notified that you are adding or dropping a player before the match begins. After week four and up to week seven, teams may add players with approval from the league office. **Exception the APA locks qualified team’s rosters after week 4 in the Spring Session. This is a National rule and there are NO EXCEPTIONS**
To add a player after week seven, it will have to be an extreme circumstance and the league office will review and determine if the situation is valid. If deemed valid, League Office will meet with Team Captains from that division and the circumstance will be reviewed and voted on by your peers.
Rescheduling Matches:

On occasion, a match may need to be rescheduled for various reasons. If you plan to reschedule a match, you must notify the League Office. Please use the following procedure:
  • Contact the captain of the team you’re rescheduling with and notify them of your intent to reschedule and try to pick a date that works for both parties.
  • Rescheduled matches must be played within 2 weeks of the original scheduled match date or the day before the last scheduled match of the session (depending on time of the reschedule). The League Office may make exceptions, under special conditions....And Will do that on a situational basis.
  • If a make-up is necessary in the last 2 weeks of the session, the make-up match must be played prior to the next night of play.
Bye Weeks:
Some divisions will have an odd number of teams, so one team will not have a match. In this instance, the team will be given the following points for the week:
  • 8-ball – 8 points
  • 9-ball – 60 points

Note: Teams do not need to submit paperwork or fees for bye weeks.

Splitting Your Team:

On some occasions, teams that qualify for the Regional Event may choose to split their team and have both teams qualified. To do this, please contact your League operator.

Arriving late is disrespectful to the waiting team. Their time as well as yours is valuable. If you think your team may be late for the match, try to contact the opposing team captain. Unless otherwise specified or agreed upon, all league matches will begin at 7:30 pm (start times for some divisions may vary) on the schedule night of play. There is a grace period of 15 minutes…if no members from a team are present after that grace period, a full team forfeit will be called. The offending team will lose all points and still be responsible for their weekly dues.

Any team that forfeits all 5 matches (no show) will be considered dropped if the league office is not notified of their intent to continue 72 hours after the infraction. Teams have the option of paying full weekly dues and receiving 10 points. If the no-show team is dropped from the division only bye points (8) will be awarded and a credit of $50.00 will be applied. To avoid confusion there will be a 1-week delay in applying no-show points. Exception: If this happens in the last 2 weeks of the session only bye points will be awarded.
Preventing Forfeits:

To help avoid forfeits, teams will be allowed to use 1 player twice in a match to avoid forfeits (the 23 rule is still in effect).
Guidelines for playing a player twice are as follows:
  • The opposing captain must be notified that you will need to play a player twice before the start of the third match.
  • The opposing team picks the player that plays twice
  • Only one player may play twice on a league night. For example: If a team only has three players present, one of the three can play twice and the fifth match will be a forfeit.
  • The opposing team cannot pick a player that causes a violation of the 23 rule and then call a forfeit.
  • All team members that show up for the team that is short of players must be available for the 5th match otherwise the opposing team captain will have the option to call a forfeit.
  • This match doesn't have to be the last match If player playing twice has to leave, match can be played early.

** If in the opinion of our office this rule is being misused, we retain the right to deduct points. Teams may use this rule when it is necessary throughout the session. **

It is expected that all teams will treat each other with mutual respect during a match. Sportsmanship is a big part of playing in the CPA. This is a weekly night out for many people, a break from the regular work grind and a chance to have an evening of socializing and fun. Everybody is here to have fun and a good time, please don’t spoil it for others. Please refer to pages 81-84 of the Official Team Manual for sportsmanship guidelines.
Refusal To Do Business With:
At any time, at the sole discretion of the League Operator, with qualified input from Division Reps, the Greater Sudbury/Midland CPA can refuse to do business with any individual. These individuals will not be suspended from any CPA play but will not be welcome in our league. This will typically be used for people who are disruptive to the league, constantly complain about the league in general and deride the league in public.

** The CPA cares about its members and everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and we feel it is our job to ensure that, in fact, does happen **

Section 3: Play-Offs & Qualifying Procedures


PLAY-OFFS ARE NOW FREE in both 8-ball & 9-ball formats!!

8-Ball/9-Ball Summer Session Play-Off procedures are as follows:

4 teams - 1st gets bye into finals & 2nd plays wildcard for 1 Regional (LTC) spot.

5 teams - 1st, 2nd, 3rd & wildcard play for 1 LTC spot.

6 or more teams - 1st place qualifies for LTC, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & wildcard play for 2nd LTC spot.

8-Ball Fall & Spring Sessions Play-Off procedures are as follows:

(9-Ball is the same minus Niagara Qualifier)

4 Teams - 1st place and the play-off winner qualify for Niagara Qualifier. 1st bye to final, 2nd plays WC, for 1 LTC spot.

5 Teams 1st place and the play-off winner qualify for Niagara Qualifier. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & WC play for 1 LTC spot.

6/7 Teams1st place and the play-off winner qualify for Niagara Qualifier. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & WC play for LTC spot.

8 & Up Teams - 1st place team qualifies for the LTC and a spot at the Niagara Qualifier. 2nd, 3rd, 4th & wildcard play for 2nd LTC spot and the Niagara Qualifier.

** PLEASE NOTE** - Teams that are already qualified will not be forced to participate in play-offs. Spots will be handed down according to position at the end of the regular session. Also, if teams that finished 1st are already qualified, a $200 Team credit will be applied at the beginning of the next session.


*Qualified teams will be scrutinized if the office believes they’re not playing to potential*


Trophies (or $100 Credit):

SUMMER Session:
8-Ball & 9-BallTrophies/credit will be awarded to both 1st Place in the session & Play-Off winners.
Note: Divisions with less than 6 teams, only Play-Off winners receive trophies in both formats.
FALL/SPRING Sessions: 
8-BallTrophies/credit will be awarded to the 1st Place Teams in Divisions of 8 or more teams only in each division.
9-BallTrophies/credit will be awarded to both 1st Place in the session & Play-Off winners.
Note: Divisions with less than 8 teams, only Play-Off winners receive trophies in both formats.
Niagara Qualifier:

There will be tournaments at the end of the Fall & Spring Sessions for 1st place finishers and play-off winners called the Niagara Qualifier. These tournaments will be valued at approximately $1,300.00. Qualifying procedures for these tournaments are listed above. Teams MUST use the roster they qualified with while competing in this tournament. The tournament format is a modified single elimination race to 5 sudden death tournament. We will allow 2 hours per match and reserve the right to split tables if necessary.
MVP Top Gun Awards:

MVP/Top Gun is calculated by the number of points earned divided by the number of points available (PA). IMPORTANT: Players will show up in the MVP/Top Gun standings after their first match with their team, however, they must play 50% of the regular scheduled matches with their team before becoming fully eligible for MVP/Top Gun awards. For example, if there are 18 regular weeks in the schedule, you must play 9 weeks to be eligible. If there are 19 weeks in the regular schedule, you must play 10 matches to be eligible. If there are byes in the regular schedule, we will use the average number of actual weeks of play. For example, if the majority of teams in an 18-week schedule have 2 byes, then players must play 8 weeks to be eligible.  Example in 8-Ball: In every 8-Ball match, you have 3 points available to win. If you play 10 matches, you have 30 points available to win (3 x 10). If you win a total of 13 points in those 10 matches, then the calculation is 13 / 30 = 0.43 or 43%. This means that you won 43% of the points available (PA) to you during the session. Example in 9-Ball: In every 9-Ball match, you have 20 points available to win. If you play 10 matches, you have 200 points available to win (20 X 10). If you win a total of 162 points in those 10 matches then the calculation is 162 / 200 = 0.81 or 81%. This means that you won 81% of the points available (PA) to you during the session. Ties will be broken in the following order: Total number of matches played, win percentage, performance points, lifetime win percentage.

Section 4: Player Assistance Funds For The 
National Team Championship


A travel assistance fund will be provided to each qualified team advancing to the National Team Championships in Las Vegas value varies from year to year. Teams that are unable to attend this Championship will have the SPOT/TRIP handed down to the runner-up team.

Our Local League Office will co-ordinate travel plans and paperwork with the winning teams immediately following the Regional Event.  The Travel Assistance will only be awarded to eligible players.

The Local league office will not be responsible for any changes following the Regional Event. Any changes teams may want to make will be up to the team themselves and not the C.P.A.

* The Local league office has the right to change or modify programs based on Team participation for the league year. Also, some Divisions might have other by-laws in place that suits that particular division.*

We would like to thank and welcome all of our CPA members to the Largest Amateur Pool League in the World…Over a quarter million members can’t be wrong! Hopefully, we can make your pool league experience an enjoyable one.